President: Susan Cunningham

Hi! I'm Susan Cunningham, PTA President for 2020-2021! I have an 8th grader at Rancho Starbuck Middle School and a 6th grader here at Olita. I have been on the Olita PTA Board for 8 years. I started attending PTA meetings when my first son was in Kindergarten because I wanted to know about school issues and activities and to be a part of the planning and execution of events. I don't have a college degree or any special skills. I simply want to be a part of what goes on at my children's school. There is no greater validation than to see students smile and laugh during events or to have them thank you for the activities and programs they get to enjoy while at Olita. Children inherently understand when you show that you think they're important and by volunteering at even just 1 event or activity you can make a huge impact. I feel honored that I get to be a part of something that directly benefits these amazing children at Olita!

Meet the rest of the 2020/2021 amazing PTA Board members below!

Treasurer: Roxana Andrade

Hi there! My name is Roxana and I am this years' Treasurer. I have 3 children. I have one in 6th grade and one in K. My 3rd child is a future Olita Owl as she is only 1. I love to be involved and help where I can. I have been on PTA for a few years and love every part of it. We are going to have a great year!

VP Programs: Julie Chavez

Hello! I'm Julie and I am a proud mom of a 6th grader and a 3rd grader at Olita! I'm excited to be able to serve Olita PTA as Program Chairman thi

Recording Secretary: Alora Chavez

Hey there, I'm Alora and I am the Secretary this year. This is my second year with Olita's amazing PTA. I have one daughter, she is in third grade this year and I am a noon aide at the school. I love art, music and John Hughes movies.

Auditor: Laurie Montanez

Hi, I am Laurie. I am this year's Auditor. I am on my second generation at Olita and my second tour on PTA. I have a grandson in 3rd grade and a granddaughter in K. I work as an accountant from home and I am an Instructional Aide in one of the SDC classes. I would love to see you all get involved with PTA!

VP Membership: Naomi Rex

Hi! I'm Naomi and am in charge of Membership this year! I have 3 kiddos at Olita: a 5th grader, 2nd grader and K (phew). I am a mom and nurse! I love to be involved and look forward to meeting you all! It's going to be a great year!

VP Ways & Means: Kellie Adams

Hi I'm Kellie Adams, I'm in charge of Fundraising!! I have a son here at Olita who is in second grade. I'm super excited to get things going with safe, fun and exciting plans for our Olita family. Looking forward to what's in store this year! We are #OlitaStrong!

Parliamentarian: Marie Nunez

Hi, I am Marie and am the Parliamentarian this year! I love to be involved with the school and share my time as a Volunteer. I am a mother of 4 girls! 2 at Olita, a 4th grader and 6th grader. Then I have an 8th grader at Rancho Starbuck and a Junior at Sonora.

Historian: Veronica Delgado

Hello, my name is Veronica, I'm your PTA's Historian for the year! I have one little girl, she is in first grade and she is also a student at Olita. I work at Olita as a Noon Aide. I love to be a part of your PTA!

Advisor: Mrs. V.

Hi! My name is Mrs. V. and I serve as Olita's principal and advisor to PTA. My own children (son 25 and daughter 22) grew up in Lowell Joint as did I. My husband of 27 years is retired and we spend most of our spare time with our horses. I'm looking forward to getting students back to school so I can get to know all our new ones and catch up with those who have been owls for awhile! I'm really missing our awesome Olita families!

Mascot: Ollie the Owl

Hi, I'm Ollie and I love to pop in at the school to visit all my students! I miss everyone but look forward to waving to you at all our drive-by events!